A Letter To My Cat

Dear Sampson,

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A Letter To My CatSam-I-Am: you are terribly missed but forever alive in my heart. You were such a good easy-going boy who chose me for your guardian and taught this dog-person that cats are awesome too. Sam-Sam, you were with me for only 2 1/2 short years and died too young. You put up a tough fight against your cancer and were a trooper to the end.

You fit in so well and easily into my everyday life which made you that much harder to resist. You decided to stay here instead of with the family who no longer gave you the attention you deserved. You won me over with your gentleness and quiet talking while looking at me as you waited for answers.

You learned to sit on command and give “kisses”. You HAD me at “meow”. It’s been several months and I cannot believe you are no longer here. You truly left pawprints on my heart…and now it’s broken.


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On August 5, 2014
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