Dear Eskild,

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EskildThe day I picked you up, you were only 5 weeks old. Your mother had died and you and your sisters needed care. You where the only boy in the litter and I fell in love with you the minute I saw you. In the bus on the way home, you feel asleep on my chest and I was so proud. We have been through a lot. You have been hit by a car and my neighbor kicked you, so you broke your hip and your foot got crushed. I loved you so much and only the best care was good enough. I payed every bill even though I was a student–and I prayed and gave you all the love you needed. You got over it and every day we are together. You have brought so much joy and love to my life and I can’t imagine my life without you, my little love. Now you are 9 years old and my best friend. I love when you greet me at the door every day when I come home from work, and I love when we go for a walk together and you show me how good you are at climbing trees.

I love you Eskild

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» A Letter To My Cat » Dear Eskild,
On July 30, 2014

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