• Dear Bub,


    “…I’m forever
    grateful to
    you for
    picking me to
    be your sidekick”

  • My Children,


    “We are forever
    bonded to you…
    you changed us. 
    I am changed.”

  • Dear Simba,


    “You are shy and loveable,
    and can pull off the
    ‘Puss-in-Boots’ innocent
    look like no other.”

  •     Dear Obi,


         “No matter how many
         scars you give me, I
         will always love you.”

  • Dear Toast,


    “…I’m really glad you ended up finding a pretty good home…mine.” 

The Book!

A Letter

The creator behind the hit book “A Letter To My Dog” is excited to invite you to participate in the next big thing for every animal lover: “A Letter To My Cat,” a heartfelt compilation of stunning cat portraits accompanied by personal letters from devoted cat owners.

“A Letter To My Dog” features letters from Oprah Winfrey, Tony Bennett, Kristin Chenoweth, Fran Drescher, Hilary Duff, Chelsea Handler, Amy Smart, Mariel Hemingway, Tyler Perry, Maria Menounos, Cynthia McFadden, Robin Roberts, Rumor Willis, Willow Smith, Michael Vartan and more.

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