A Letter To My Cat

Dear Phoebe,

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A Letter To My Cat

I love how you lure everyone in with your snow white fur that is softer than any fur I have ever touched. I love the way you roll over on your side with that sweet come pet me look on your face. It’s hard to convince people that underneath that sweet facade is the devil waiting to slash their skin open. Some people listen, the naive ones walk away with their feelings hurt because you’ve brought blood. There’s a funny picture of me holding you up to my face for a posed picture. To the unknowing eye, it looks like we are good buddies, but to those who know you, they laugh and say “Cynthia, you look terrified”. And I was. I know you have a 10 second rule of being picked up, before the claws come out.

You’re laying on my bed, right beside me as I write this letter to you. You’re curled up in a little fur ball, with your pink nose and eyes shut tight. You look happy and content to be by my side, in my bed. Gosh, how I love you.

Sometimes I wish I could scoop you up and snuggle you the way I do Sugar, but I know you would teach me a quick lesson about boundries. You like your personal space, and that’s okay. I know when you jump in my lap and bury your face in my neck or arm, you love me.

We’ve been together for over 10 years now. You are my baby girl. MY GIRL! and I know you see me as your Mama.

I didn’t realize how much you loved me until the day you vanished from a friend’s house who was supposed to be taking care of you while I was on vacation. When I returned, you were no where to be found. I rode around their neighborhood several times everyday looking for you. Their house was only two miles away. I finally put out flyers in their neighborhood and about two month’s went past before my phone rang with a sweet lady on the other end saying “I think I may have your cat”. My heart was beating so hard with anticipation that it could be you, but this lady lived near me, not in the neighborhood where you vanished. She told me on the phone “you just wandered up to her house and stayed”. She said she had fallen in love with you and was reluctant to call for fear of losing you. I went to her house only blocks from ours, went inside and you were hiding under her bed. When we finally got you to come out, I couldn’t believe my eyes. You had walked two miles looking for me, looking for where your Mama was, but missed it by only one street. That is love Phoebe. That is love!

You and me… WE ARE FOREVER. You are my Cat Child, though I think of you more as my bitchy friend. I’m tearing up thinking about you walking those two miles, through heavy traffic, looking for me. I will love you FOREVER. You are my baby girl and I am your Mama.

I love you my precious little devil.

Breed: Mixed

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» A Letter To My Cat » Dear Phoebe,
On August 8, 2014
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