A Letter To My Cat

Dear Abby,

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I fell in love with you the minute I took you in my arms. You were so little and so very afraid from being chased up that tree by Roxanne. But as you now see, it has all worked out. Roxanne loves you and has been a great “Big Sister”. (Yes, even though she is a d-o-g.)

A Letter To My CatYou’ve always been so shy…I guess that’s what makes our relationship even more special. It goes against ever fiber of your being to trust me…yet you do. And you love and trust your daddy too. It took very little time for you to have him wrapped right around your little kitty pinky paw. To see a grown man follow you around the house, talking to you, asking you what you want…has brought a smile to my face many times. With Mark as your daddy, you will never be without someone to play with, a kind word and a warm blanket. He loves you so very much too!

And who would have ever thought that putting your image on a t-shirt would introduce us to so many wonderful people. People all over the world know and love you…my little abandoned park cat.

People loved you and your story so much that THEY wanted an “Abby shirt”. Our business grew and grew. Because of you we’ve been able to give back to help other homeless kitties. And I was able to quit my job so that I could do something that I really love. And I get to do it from home…with you and Roxanne making the purrr-fect assistants. I’s so much fun to be with you, all day everyday…watching you bird and squirrel watch or just watching you nap in your favorite sunny spot. This makes me soooo happy!!

So you see sweet baby girl…it’s come full circle. I saved you…and you saved me right back! You will always be my love, my special little girl.

I love you!!

Breed: orange Tabby

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On August 13, 2014
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