A Letter To My Cat

Cat Letter: Dear Benny

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You are my sweet, tiny, little old man baby. You are my little lump of jelly. When we brought you home you were so tiny, wrinkly, and shy. Now you are slightly less tiny and wrinkly and have definitely overcome your shyness. You inject a daily dose of fun and craziness into our house. While your brother Oliver is the quiet soulful one, you are my little wild man. You make the perfect balance, the ying and the yang.

A Letter To My Cat

You scream when you need a cuddle. You flip plates when you don\’t like the food. You steal things. You have the best angry face I\’ve ever seen on a cat. You are the neediest cat I\’ve ever met…and I love all of it.
Your favorite things include warm laundry, taco night, roasters chicken, catnip (not that you need it), bring brushed in the sun, and your big brother Oliver. You love to be kissed on your face and your belly. You are sweet and gentle to the core.
You remind me to laugh every day. Thank you for your sweetness, your wild heart, and for always being able to make me smile. I love you forever buddy.




Breed: Orange Short Hair

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» A Letter To My Cat » Cat Letter: Dear Benny
On August 18, 2014
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2 Responses to Cat Letter: Dear Benny

  1. Anthony says:

    Awwww Benny you are so adorable!!!
    Beautifully done babe and congratulations
    love A

  2. Danielle says:

    All very very true Benny you are one special lil guy with a momma that loves you to the moon & back :-)

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