Dear Tiger,

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A 2nd generation from your parents, Panther and Casper, you have been such an adorable kitty since you were born and I immediately knew our relationship will be a very close one.

Tiger, you’re such a darling – good-natured, friendly, beautiful fur, sparkling eyes and not forgetting your rocker voice – that’s why you’re a TIGER.

You were always there for me, when I was happy or when I was down and when I needed someone to “talk” to.

In fact, your strong determination, will-power and “never-die” spirit is an inspiration to me and gave me strength to move on with life’s challenges.

I’m not sure how I will be without you, but one thing for sure: we’ll be together forever till death do us part.

You’re in your senior years now, and there’s no other words I can say but “I Love You till eternity,” Tiger!

Mommy Mimi

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» A Letter To My Cat » Dear Tiger,
On June 24, 2014

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