Dear Roscoe,

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You’ve been with me since you were a tiny 6-week-old kitten, with your sister, Phoebe. It was just the four of us for several years, then a new home with more room and a parade of additional furry family members were added over the years–dogs, some more kitties. You were a rock through it all, the big brother of the family, getting along with all, the mediator. Two years ago on Thanksgiving we lost Trooper, our German Shepherd. You did not leave my side that entire day, my faithful friend. Wherever I was, you were going to be sure you were there with a soft paw to ease my broken heart. Not long after, a divorce rocked my world and we moved from our home of 11 years–you, me, 4 other cat friends and a dog. I got out of bed during that time because of you and your brothers and sisters. Without you, I don’t know where I would be. I had the courage and strength to pick myself up because of my deep love for you and your furry friends.

Then I met a nice man who loves all of you as I do, who understands your importance in my life–who you immediately accepted as part of our family.

You are almost 14 now and I know your sensitive tummy is causing you problems that we can’t seem to solve. I will stand by you, my dear friend, and do all I can, as you have always done for me. I will love you forever, my sweet boy. You will always live in my heart, today and all the tomorrows.

All My Love,


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» A Letter To My Cat » Dear Roscoe,
On June 25, 2014

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