Dear Luna,

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It was a cold Easter Sunday when you were born to a stray cat in my backyard. Little did I know, that day would be the beginning of the rest of our lives together. You were the sole survivor of a litter of seven and I fought hard to make sure you survived and you did. I loved it when I had to bottle feed you, and after you finished, you would crawl up to my face, bite my nose, crawl back down and fall asleep on top of me. Now, years later, you still bite my nose and crawl on top of me to fall asleep. You will never know how much you fulfill my life. You have been there through some tough times and have eased my sorrow when I had to say goodbye to your older siblings. For this reason my sweet girl, I write this poem to you:


To Love a Feline

Your big bright eyes stare at me from afar.

It is an eternal stare that hypnotizes.

You stare as if with wonder.

And I wonder what you think of me.

Who or what I am to you?

Am I like you?

Do you look like me?

What are those sounds coming from my mouth?

It is all so foreign to you.

You bob your head up and down as if to say you approve.

You step so graciously towards me.

Slowly you take your steps.

You finally reach me and you touch your nose to mine.

You approve and your bite kisses my nose.

I am yours.

You don’t know why.

You don’t know how.

You just know it feels good to know me.

I speak sweet nothings to you.

You may not understand my words but you understand my voice.

I see life in your big eyes.

Suddenly we seem to be the same.

We understand each other.

We know we are different yet so much alike.

You know you are safe with me.

You curl up with me and close your eyes.

I pet you until we both fall asleep.

Then I awaken and see your big bright eyes staring at me again.

And so an eternal cycle of love begins again.


I love you my sweet Luna

Always and Forever,

Your Momma

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» A Letter To My Cat » Dear Luna,
On June 20, 2014

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