Dear Raven,

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You are my cat daughter. You are my loyal shadow, my TV watching companion, my sweet, sweet girl. You keep my bed warm while I’m at work and you steal the covers when I try to sleep. You forgave me when I went to school and greeted me when I came home. You hiss at me on hair-brushing days and squeal when it’s time for your pills, but you always return with a cat smile and a purr.

You sit next to me when I am sad and prance around when I am happy. You let me pick you up and cuddle–even though it hurts your back now. Your fur has gone from black to gray but you’ll always be my baby girl. You’ve loved me unconditionally for 17 years and I will love you forever.

You are beautiful
You are feisty
You are self centered
You are bossy
You are smart
To me, you are perfect and I love you.

Your Human Mom

Posted by Robyn

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On June 19, 2014

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