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Cat Letter: Dear Penny Grover

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Dear Penny Grover,

You were the imaginary cat that Dad and I made up to try to convince Mom to get another cat after we lost our little furry love, Norton. Her answer was always no, but eventually I got the call from Dad that he was at the shelter and he had YOU! You weren’t orange like we planned, but we were ok with that because he knew you were special. You slept next to him every night that first year of your life.  Then we lost Dad.

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I didn’t know how to keep going without him, but then you came to live with me and somehow you made it just a little better. You seemed to miss Dad almost as much as I did, you wouldn’t come out from under the bed those first few weeks. Slowly, we both started to get back to life and though never getting over it, and here we are together, my furry little life mate. I am so grateful for you and that you carry the love of my Dad, the greatest animal friend there has ever been. Wherever he is, it is filled with dog walks and cat spoiling.

Thank you for every day, Penny Grover, The Little Prince.


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On January 21, 2015

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