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A Letter to My Cat celebrates the ultimate love we have for our cats. It honors the fantastic feline companions who grace our lives with their presence and make every day a little sweeter, more bearable, magical, special, hilarious, and fur-filled than the last.

So as we celebrate the official launch with a gathering of contributors, friends and supporters, we wanted to have you join in on the fun and get to meet one of the most beloved kitties in the world – and one of our special contributors to the book – the one and only, Lil Bub.

We asked you to submit your personal love notes to Bub, and we have to say, your submissions were amazing! Lil Bub is so loved.

With all of these submissions, we had to narrow down our winners to just five, and here they are:

Caroline Billard

How does one even begin to express how grateful I am that you found your way from your home planet to Earth? Even getting the chance to meet you is better than any amount of space fish or hot air balloon rides that the universe can offer.While your science and magic continues to astonish, your work and support for shelters and animals in need is always amazing, and even inspired me to adopt my own fluffy friend, Ellie. All while being an author, tv/movie star, CEO, and talk show host! GOOD JOB BUB!

Caroline B.


Laura Davis

Dear BUB,Why are you special? Let me count the ways…

ONE and only BUB. You are a precious, unique gift from outer space, sent to Earth to fill us with wonder and awe with your science and magic

TWO times I’ve already met you, but each time I see your bright, sweet face, I’m overcome with joy and happiness

THREE years you’ve existed on this planet, surpassing what the doctors expected of such a funny creature

FOUR (FOR) inspiring thousands across the world by overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles and giving hope to all you have touched

FIVE toes on your back paws make you extra special (and polydactyl) and great at high fives




Lily Lu

Dearest Bub,I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that you’re a big inspiration. Who knew that such a tiny cat could have such a huge effect on folks? Maybe I’m silly to compare humans to cats but I think we can all relate to having to overcome obstacles in life. If I’m having a bad day, I look at your pictures and smile. When I think there’s something too challenging for me to accomplish, I look at the struggles and adversity you’ve endured and I know that I, too, can make it!



Marcia Neumeier 

O BUB! My Cat-tain!I don’t remember how I found out about you, but I know I fell in love with you instantly. My heart swelled a million times its original size. Learning your story through “Lil BUB & Friendz” was the beginning of my BUB journey, and what a wonderfully sweet and joyous journey it has been. Your strength, determination and spirit is so heartwarming and inspiring – all of the obstacles you’ve faced in life and how you’ve overcome them with your positivity and gentle nature is truly admirable. All of the tireless work you do for other animals in need – you are an absolute hero. My eyes fill with happy tears every time I see a photo of you or share your story with other people. I love you so very much! Thank you for being you!

Good Job, BUB!

Your biggest fan,
Marcia Neumeier


Melisa Marie McConnell 

Dear Lil Bub,
Your eyes are as big as the moon, and your gaze is as shiny as a spoon. I wonder what you think about when you gaze out of the window. Perhaps flying in a hot air balloon next to a bird, or sitting in a basket while on a bicycle ride through an aquarium, or maybe you’re really thinking how much you’d love to feel the cold chill of a yummy tuna flavored ice cream on your adorable little tongue. And when you look at books, what if you’re REALLY reading the books? You seem SO smart Lil Bub! I just bet you’re reading the books and imagining yourself in the story as the princess!

I often ask my kitty, Stormy, what she thinks about, at night as we lie in bed and I’m petting her to sleep.

I hope that you have sweet, fanciful, fascinating and imaginative dreams, Lil Bub, because in your eyes, I see a whole world of imagination just waiting to be discovered!

Melisa Marie McConnell


Congratulations to all of our winners and thanks to everyone who submitted a letter to Bub, she certainly appreciates the love!

If you’d like to read Mike’s letter to his Lil Bub, be sure to pick up a copy of A Letter To My Cat today!


photo courtesy of Lil Bub

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