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Cat Letter: Dear Dill

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I never thought losing you would be so heartbreaking. That day you got out, I couldn’t believe it I thought it was a mistake and you were just sleeping somewhere and you hearing had just gotten worse. You could hear us calling.

As the hours went on and no sight of you I started to panic, it was getting dark and if you were out there you are alone. I stayed up all night calling for you, every little noise I thought was you. The next morning as the worst, it wasn’t a bad dream you were gone. I just couldn’t understand how our 17 years together ended just like that. No good bye no nothing you were just gone. We put up signs went door to door, nothing nobody saw you. the phone would ring and I’d answer with anticipation, they hadn’t seen you they just wanted to know if you had returned and question if you really were 17 as the lost cat poster said.

A Letter to My Cat

The days went on and on still nothing. I couldn’t look at the lost cat posters stapled to all of the phone poles across the neighborhood. On day 13 of your disappearance the phone rang, coincidently at the same time the sf Giants won the game to send them to the workd series. I answered a woman said she and her kids think they saw you. We threw on our shoes grabbed a flash light and went looking for you. We called and called for you but nothing. We gave up we thought no way he has been out here for 13 days alone and afraid. We started walking back to the house ready to deal with the flood of emotions again. We shined the light under one last car and if it was some miracle there you were hiding under that car.

Tears started rolling down my face I could not believe it. We grabbed you and we ran back to the house clutching you sobbing it really was you.

I felt like myself again having you back having you be okay. I cry as I write this I still can’t believe that you are home.



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» A Letter To My Cat » Cat Letter: Dear Dill
On November 6, 2014
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2 Responses to Cat Letter: Dear Dill

  1. Elise says:

    I am so happy your sweetie was returned to you. My little cat Kettle has been missing for over 5 months now and I honestly don’t have much hope. Several people in my village had seen a dead cat in a couple difand kettlets but I only heard the news after some weeks and was unable to find any signs…
    I have kept posters up everywhere ‘though wet and windy weather is shredding them lately.
    I rescued Kettle’s mum, spent weeks feeding her in the garden and not even looking at her, she was so nervy! Then one day she came running into my kitchen, syuaking and talking like crazy. Still nervous so I didn’t push it, she found a hidey hole and slept there..she had moved in! THEN 2 days later I discovered she had brought 3 little kittens too!
    About 4 weeks old so I felt doubly honored that she had trusted me this much.
    Kettle was the tiniest, loudest little black scrap who revealed later to be a tortoiseshell: always wanted one! They also apart from one boy are polydactyl::always wanted a 6 toed cat and now have w family! Always hoped I would get the chance to have a mummy and kittens too…so many wishes in!one go!
    Buster went to live with friends up the road, still visits, Polly is still a bit nervy and jumpy but sits on my lap now. Buddhi is a sweetie and timid and not like the others, hardly goes out at all.
    And Kettle was a wild thing!! Never in, a true force of Nature, bold and intrepid and prone to wandering off for days.
    She wasn’t to be stopped…far too stubborn and strong and wild…very loving and gentle when she was home but felt the call ofthe wild, I guess…
    I have never had a cat disappear on me before, have looked after and helped dozens of strays in my life, kept a fair number myself.
    This has pulled me to bits. I keep hoping..there IS always a chance…and I miss her SO bad..it hurts a huge amount and I don’t seem able to be at peace with it. Still think I can hear the yowl/ meowrp she used to announce her return as she would come flying in and jump up for her homecoming-where have you been ? cuddles.
    Sorry to be so long winded! Just came gushing out!! And it truly gives madejoy to hear when someone’s cat does get back to them..figured you would understand..oh lord and now I’m crying! Oh dear..sorry!! Please give your beloved one a kiss from me. It must be doubly wonderful he’s so elderly and still came home, they are so precious when old! My little monster was only a bit over 2 . having mummy Polly and bro Buddhi and visiting Buster does help too. Namaste. xd

  2. allyson scarna says:

    I don’t think I can read many of these “a letter to my cat” without completely falling apart but I chose this one and was devastated along with you right up until you found your baby … the longest 13 days of your life I’m sure. The part about having her so long to have it end that way was the straw … but then reading the response from the dear person whose kitty has been five long and terrible months hurts too much to read any more … right now anyway. When one of ours went missing for a mere two hours I was a wreck had posted flyers up everywhere in a 2 mile radius had put posters in some 50 mailboxes put it up on Craigslist on home again and had our neighborhood watch secretary do a broadcast email to the neighborhood. It was halfway thru the conversation with our local TV station that broadcasts lost pets during their show that we found our kitty safe and sound. It absolutely breaks my heart to know the pain and anguish people go thru and I wish every story had a happy ending … I am sorry for the person whose kitty hasn’t shown up and can only hope they found a warm safe home elsewhere!

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