Dear Karolin

Cat Letter: Dear Karolin

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I adopted you 11 years ago from a shelter. You were shot at three times and I was horrified. I moved to a lot of places and took you everywhere with me. You are my travel Buddy. You are a part of me.

Dear Karolin

I started my adult life with you and there would not be a better start in life! We’ve already gone through a lot together; you are a tough little girl! You like to boss around the cat, the dog and us, but everybody here loves you.

I hope you still have many years ahead of you. You can count on me sweet Karolin, as I will always take care of you. Thank you for picking me at the shelter 11 years ago. I think you and I are making a great team!

I love you,


ps: I forgive you for stealing my chocolate milk & my cookie :)

Breed: european short hair ( mixed)

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On September 15, 2014

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