Cat Letter: Dear Alix

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You were always a pistol. As a kitten full of such sass and spunk, you filled my life with your antics and larger than life personality. You even inspired me to take a totally different direction in life. From you I learned there is nothing such as a “plain” brown tabby. You had such a golden warmth to your coat, such lovely markings.


I hated losing you when I did, that there was nothing we could do to stop what was happening. I can only hope I deal with any changes old age and infirmity may bring to me, with such aplomb as you. You just got on with living, until that last day.

I love you dearly Alix. I miss you deeply.


Pat and tabby assistants (used to be “and alix p. curl” The p was for princess)


Breed: American Curl

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On September 17, 2014

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  1. Pat Krook says:

    Alix’s breed is American Curl, her color and pattern is brown tabby :)

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