A Letter to My Cat

Cat Letter: Dear Boris

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I remember the August weekend we met. I had gone to the shelter with the intention of adopting an older cat and not a kitten, but there you were- very little and VERY loud, a ball of black fur with huge yellow eyes. I picked you up and you instantly put your little arms around my neck, the first time a cat had ever done that, and my heart burst in the most profound way. I was yours and you were mine from that moment on. Oh what a time we have had.

A Letter to My Cat

When you were a baby I sang you lullabies (American Pie was your favorite and you would put your little paws on my face) and when you were sick we sat in the bathroom together so you could have the benefits of steam. You were in the “terrible twos” for at least five years and I lost track of everything you broke, though the beaded curtain I came home to find you actually running around with your head still stuck through it on a Saturday afternoon remains memorable as does the apartment hallway window that you ran straight into and shattered the indoor pane of glass.

Over nearly thirteen years, you have made me laugh often and cry sometimes (when you were diagnosed with thyroid issues) and delighted me with chirps and chatter and head butts but mostly I remember the many quiet times with you next to me, your little hand in mine for hours when you listened to me talk or just lay silently, purring, letting me know that you loved me too. You have taught me patience and humility and to take time to be grateful and I can say that of all that I have loved in this life, I have loved you more than anything or anyone else.

I always tell you that you have Mommy’s whole heart. And you always will.


Breed: Domestic short hair

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On September 4, 2014
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