Cat Letter: Dear Oliver

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Ours is a love story that can’t be fully expressed with words. It is felt when we look into each other’s eyes and I see into your little heart and soul. Although it was your dad that brought you home, you and I quickly became inseparable. You cuddled your way into my heart forever and I would not be fully me without you. To put it quite simply I adore you.

When it was discovered that you had a heart condition I told you not to worry, that I would always be here to take care of you and do the worrying so you don’t have to. When we almost lost you during surgery my world came apart, but you bravely fought your way back because you knew I wouldn’t make it without you.

A Letter To My Cat

You sleep wrapped up in my arms most nights. You are happiest when we sit outside with the sun on your back and the breeze blowing through your whiskers, munching on a piece of grass. Wherever I am, you are. Wherever you are is where I want to be. I wear your picture around my neck each and every day so I can have you with me always. You were so sweet to Benjamin when we brought him home and you quickly became brothers and best friends.

I don’t know if you truly understand what a comfort and joy you are to me and how much I love and need you. I hope that you do. Thank you for all that you are and also for letting me kiss your handsome little face 100 times a day.

Some day when you reach the end of your rainbow, I know it will not be goodbye. I truly believe our souls are connected and we shall find each other again my furry little soul mate.

As I said in the beginning, ours is a love story. Olls and Amanda. Amanda and Olls. The end.

I love you forever.



Breed: Orange Long Hair

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On August 21, 2014
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