Dear Zoe,

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You are a miracle, and the love of my life. It was tragedy that brought us together, and it was also chance, but for over 18 years you have given me love like no other animal ever has.

I was angry at first that my dad let his cat out before she was fixed. She had a litter of five kittens on March 28, 1995 and I watched as you and your siblings were born. I took the black and white kitten home and called her Moo Moo. We sent you away with a friend to live with a woman she knew. But Moo Moo had a tragic accident and I was devastated. And then…about a month later…for no reason at all…I stopped by our friend’s house who’d given you away. The woman had brought you back, for some reason or another. To this day, I don’t know¬†why I stopped at her house, other than God pulled me over. She asked if I wanted you. Did I ever! She said you were a screamer. I didn’t care. (You are a screamer though!)

I took you home. You are the sweetest cat I’ve ever had. You soak up love like a sponge and then give it all back. You have been with me since I was 28. You’ve been with me through my dad’s death, through illness, through good times and bad times. You’re the most frightened cat I’ve ever seen. You wail for me when I go to work. You curl up with me to sleep every night. You have your independent cat moments. But basically you spend all of your time with me, your loving cat mama.

There are no words to express how much I love you. You saved me…from dark places I thought I’d never emerge from. You fill me with joy – just the thought of coming home to see you after work makes me so happy.

You are old now. You’ve been in renal failure for two years. I can see you slowing down. I know soon your time to cross the Rainbow Bridge will come. I honestly don’t know how I am going to make it without you, Zoe. You have shown me true love, loyalty, and what it’s like to truly be there for someone all the time. I suppose I will survive, though the hurt in my heart will always be there.

For now, I spend as much time as I can loving you and being with you. You were a gift from God…a God I’m not even entirely sure I believe in. But you were a gift. A miracle. The love of my life.



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» A Letter To My Cat » Dear Zoe,
On June 12, 2014

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