Dear Lola,

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I wasn’t planning on loving you. Morty and I had just lost Lucy to a long battle with kidney failure and Morty wasn’t getting over his grief. I didn’t want another cat. I wasn’t ready. Yet I had no choice but to bring you home for his mental well-being.

But the best laid plans of mice and cats often go astray. It took all of two hours to fall madly in love with everything about you. And four years later, I fall more in love with you every single day.

Your brown chin is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Your copper eyes are mesmerizing. As a kitten you were so precious… standing on your hind legs against the bed trying so hard to reach me to wake me up and then greet me once my eyes were open with tiny meows. Once you could jump up, you’d sleep with your body over my arm and it would vibrate from your strong, beautiful purr.

I love that at four years old, you still have a kitten’s exuberance. There’s nothing more hysterical than watching you bounce around the condo like a pinball in the morning as fast as you can from room to room.

I adore that you do everything on your own terms. If you want to be loved, I have a small timeframe to comply. And when you’ve had enough, you thwack me with your tail or chomp my hand to tell me to go away.

Most of all, I love that despite your acting like you don’t care if I’m around or not, every time you know I’m getting ready to leave the house you do everything in your power to delay me. First you want love just as I’m stepping in the shower, knowing I’ll get down on the floor and love you. And when I’m actually leaving, you blockade the door with your body, all while staring up at me with your big, round eyes and smoosh-faced sadness. You love me too.



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» A Letter To My Cat » Dear Lola,
On June 13, 2014

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