Dear Hercules,

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We’ve been together on a very long journey. There were times when things got rough and our journey almost ended. But we worked together and helped each other through every one of them. You helped me almost more than I helped you. You know my secrets and my heartbreaks. I never dreamed my soul mate would be wearing a soft, silky black fur coat. 

I remember the day I saw you in the back of that cold, dark cage at the rescue shelter, more dead than alive. You were only a few weeks old when you looked up at me with those sick, painful, soulful eyes and picked me to be your mommy. My heart melted. I promised you that day that I would always love and protect you. I promised you would never be sick or feel any pain ever again. I promised you would never leave my side and I would love you forever. Our beginning was difficult because you were so very sick but you are a fighter and survived when many other kitties would not and therefore, you earned your name. Your life, I hope, has been one of joy. I hope that you know how very much I love you. As we begin the last leg of our journey together, and as we sit together, me in my chair and you on my lap, you look up at me with those same soulful eyes–except this time they are filled with love. Even though we both don’t see very well anymore, have trouble getting up and have put on a little weight, move a little slower and sleep a little longer–our bond is still strong and will last forever and beyond. Hercules, I love you with all my heart and soul. Thank you for picking me to be your Forever Mommy.




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» A Letter To My Cat » Dear Hercules,
On June 9, 2014

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