Dear Castle,

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I knew from the moment I met you that you were going to be special. There you were, my little ball of feistiness– jumping, biting, and attacking anything within a two-inch radius of your kennel. “I want to see THAT one,” I remember saying with glee to the Humane Society worker. We exchanged knowing glances as you attempted to wiggle your way out of his arms and into mine.
When I first held you, you nuzzled my cheek, an undeniable Kodak moment that nearly left me in a pool of blissfulness on the concrete floor. But then, ever the rascal you are, you promptly left me for the toy being wiggled below my feet. I couldn’t help but love you then; you’d captured my heart in a matter of minutes.
Now, nearly six months later, and after finding you in countless, no-good kitten areas (namely, the garbage, my purse, the fridge, my bras, and most recently, our pots and pants among many others), I’ve come to realize what unconditional love is.
I feel it as I watch you play fetch with me in the living room or watch Tom & Jerry on a Saturday morning. I feel it as you roll onto your back like a dog, begging for your belly to be scratched, or when I see your pupils dilate as I reveal the brand new toy I picked up on the way home. I feel it as you snuggle next to me on my pillow every night and as you sprawl out onto our doormat to block us from leaving the apartment. I even feel it as I find you beneath three brand new, chewed-up rolls of toilet paper.
Watching you grow these past few months has been a joy to behold, and I can only wait with giddy anticipation for the memories we’ll share for years to come. As you turn into the 15-pound ball of mischief you’re destined to be, just remember I know where the treats are hidden.
Love you to the moon and back,
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» A Letter To My Cat » Dear Castle,
On June 30, 2014

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