Cat Tribute: Dear Tara

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For 18 years, I was blessed to have you in my life. You filled the house with love and how you loved to cuddle and purrrrr.

When I wasn’t feeling well you were there to give comfort. When I was well, you were there to make me feel even better. You were the Princess of the home and you had Julie, Tasha and Joey to keep you company.

The years now have seemed to move by quickly and you were not well. I was saddened as I knew your time had come to join your other companions on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.


My new friend held you close on that beautiful morning. He didn’t know you long, but you touched his life as you did everyone who met you. You sat with my friend by the seawall and watched as the Manatees swim by, the egrets walked on the lawn and the fish teased you by jumping out of the river. You put your paws in the green grass and gently explored your surroundings as the butterflies flew by your cute nose.The sun was shining but it seemed as if you knew today would be your last on this earthly realm. You soaked it all in but were happy that your pain would soon be gone and you’d be romping and playing and feeling anew soon.

We went to the doctors and you were not alone as you peacefully crossed over.

My Sweet Tara, you were cherished, loved and will forever be missed.



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On October 9, 2014
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