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We are so grateful to have so many gorgeous kitties and owners featured in A Letter to My Cat, and thanks to the wonderful work of Sharon Hardy and Susan Weingartner, we are able to compliment these love notes with some impeccable imagery.

It’s not always easy photographing animals, but Sharon and Susan captured these felines and owners so beautifully.  These pictures go beyond 1,000 words and capture their real kitty characters. Here is a selection of pictures from the book:

Michelle Salas' Valentino

photo by Sharon Hardy

Amy Smart's Nala

photo by Susan Weingartner

Tony Azevedo's Snow

photo by Susan Weingartner

Mayte Garcia's WIlly

photo by Susan Weingartner

Jackson Galaxy's Velouria

photo by Susan Weingartner

Georgia Minnis' Snowball

photo by Sharon Hardy


You can see all of the amazing cats in A Letter to My Cat, available now!



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On October 28, 2014

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