Dear Oreo,

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When you were in the forest of many large trees, you were trying to shelter yourself from the storm, shaking with fear from the thunder and the lightning. Your paws were dirty with Georgia clay and black mud; you were hungry and looking for a safe place to go.

You managed to find your way out of the woods and stumbled upon a covered porch deck. You spotted stairs and took the pathway up. You stared into a large window, looking at the people inside. You could see that it was warm and it looked quite inviting. As you stood in the window, you mustered up a soft, almost silent, meow. Somebody inside the house thought she heard something and turned on the porch light. When she looked out she saw a scared, skinny, wet and homeless kitty. That someone was me.

I immediately brought you into the house and I could see that you were so malnourished. I fed you and you didn’t even come up for air because you were so hungry. I washed your paws and brushed you out so that you would be comfortable. I went upstairs and grabbed one of my kitty beds for you so you could lie down. It seemed like you slept for days, your body was so exhausted from your journey. From the minute I met you, you stole my heart.

I took you to the Veterinarian to get examined, and the rest is history. Today, you are my Princess, my love and my shadow. You follow me wherever I go and my heart just melts with your unconditional love. Oreo, I love you!!! You will ALWAYS have a safe place within our loving home forever and ever!

Love Always,


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» A Letter To My Cat » Dear Oreo,
On July 14, 2014

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