Dear Mickey,

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From when you were days old until your last day on Earth almost 17 years later (on 11/12/13), I was lost in your eyes. My favorite times were when you would lay on my chest and we would just stare into each others eyes. That was the unconditional love between us. Then I would kiss you on each cheek. And you loved it.
Thank you for always being by my side, curled in my arm, sharing space on the couch, guarding me at the foot of the bed. Thank you for waking me every morning. I felt needed and wanted and loved every single minute of it. Thank you for caring for me when I was down. Thank you for being witness to everything. Thank you for keeping secrets. :)
Thank you for being perfect. I Love You.
Posted by Scott
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» A Letter To My Cat, Tributes » Dear Mickey,
On July 28, 2014

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