Dear Guinevere,

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You looked so sad and lost, huddled in the back of the cage. Abandoned on the street in a cardboard box by whoever you lived with before, you were luckily found and brought to the Humane Society. Although many people were looking at cats that afternoon, you were ignored. You were older and perhaps to others not as pretty. Plus, you were so sad and others may have thought you weren’t playful. I could relate.

But as I sat with you on the floor of the tiny room and you sat next to me, I quietly talked to you and stroked your soft fur–and you began to purr. Then you gazed at me with those wonderful eyes and seemed to say “will you share your life with me and never abandon me?”

The bond was sealed at that point. You’ve been with me now for almost two years and have brought so much joy and companionship to me as well as to the other wonderful cat who shares our household. You never cease to amaze me with your intelligence, playfulness, and genuine love.

We are family. I love you more than you can imagine. Thank you Guinevere.

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» A Letter To My Cat » Dear Guinevere,
On July 2, 2014

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