Dear Cali,

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We met the day my best friend called me from her work and told me you were found inside a box in the dumpster. I rushed over to save you. Since I’m allergic to cats and expecting our first baby, I wasn’t planning on having an indoor cat. Your dad and I could not say no to you since some heartless human left you to die. Even though you have been in my life for a few short weeks, you have taken over both your dad’s and my heart. We saved you, but what you don’t know is you also saved us.
As the cold winter months arrived, my depression was getting worse and worse by the day. I usually take medicine but since I’m pregnant, I stopped a few months ago. Since you arrived in our home, I really try to forget about being sad. I love our naps together and how you follow me around the house.You make me feel wanted and needed–playing with you distracts me so much. You are also helping the baby because it’s unhealthy for me to be sad while carrying a child. Since you arrived, my blood pressure has gone down, my tear spells have stopped, and my days have been easier. ¬†Also your dad had a huge gap in his heart from loosing his mother to colon cancer last February. Even though nothing can take her place, you helped him to get his mind off missing her. He wakes up before me and I love how you are sleeping on his chest when I come downstairs to check on you. We love you and even though you need us, we need you much more!
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» A Letter To My Cat » Dear Cali,
On July 16, 2014

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