Dear Anubis,

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From the first moment I laid my hands on your dainty little paws at the SPCA and looked into your big, beautiful lemon drop eyes, I knew you were going to be mine forever. There was no way I was going to leave without you.

When we were introduced in the room and interviewed to be your caretaker, I immediately noticed how much we are alike! You, an 8-month-old fuzzy ball of goodness, were running back and forth non-stop from one wall to the next, chasing a shiny little foil paper ball. We are both attracted to shiny things and get easily distracted. I then noticed how hyper you are; a workout buddy for life! You were so energetic and covering every surface area of the room, just like me at home :) Lastly, I noticed your disheveled hair. I have black messy hair as well and we both look exactly the same in the morning!Anibus

You are now 2 years old. Every day I cherish you more and more. I have come to accept your tantrums, your moody behavior, and rants! I accept your wild behavior of running throughout the house during late hours of the night (or early mornings). I love how you spy on me around every corner and play hide-and-seek with me when I come home. It is the cutest thing when I can’t find you and I peek under my bed only to find two cute eyes staring back from the darkness. Cardboard boxes never go to waste with you; I either recycle them or you steal them to make them your beds. Most of the time they never make it to the recycle bin – haha. My favorite moments are cold nights when you sleep behind my knees for warmth or on top of my forehead; I dare not move or else that cute fuzzy butt will be angry with me! I am always afraid to move because you look extremely adorable sleeping. Even if I have to suffer leg and neck cramps the next day, it is worth it!

So this is my love letter to you, Anubis. I cannot imagine my life without you. You are always there when I come home. You always keep me warm and snuggle with me. You never talk back to me. You love me unconditionally. You are mine and I will protect you forever, my sweet little fuzzy ball of love! I love you Anubis!

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» A Letter To My Cat » Dear Anubis,
On July 15, 2014

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