Dear Bert,

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I remember the day I adopted you. I visited with you in room and you were quite playful and cute. I admit that I didn’t know how to pick a cat, although I’d later realize that you no one picks cats, they pick you! I also had no idea what I was in for when I adopted a cat that the rescue organization had named “Chaos.” But you are everything I could ever want in a cat… you are quirky and funny and sweet and affectionate. You are incredibly curious and confident. You have no problem marching up to a stranger at the door and greeting them (and then running out the door and down the hallway). I don’t even need to touch you and you’re already buzzing like a bee. But when I do pick you up, you lovingly let me cradle you like a baby.
Of course, you are also the cat I can’t turn my back on for 3 seconds, or you will inevitably plant yourself in the china cabinet or the refrigerator. You are, at times, a very aggressive headibutter and my faithful 6am alarm clock when I don’t need to be up until 8. You’re nosy and demanding and you insist on eating too fast and throwing up on my favorite rug. But you more than make up for it by being the best cat in the universe and the only cat I’ve ever known who likes to spoon (equally happy to be either little spoon or big spoon).
Bert, you are the one who has taught me what it feels like to truly love someone or something, more than anything else, including myself. You have given me a purpose and a sense of inner joy when my life seemed incredibly bleak. You were the one I came home to and hugged when I lost jobs, boyfriends, and friends. I look forward to every moment I get to spend with you and never take any of it for granted. I thank my lucky stars each time you climb on my chest and lay down or when I get to kiss you goodnight.
I talk about you all the time and I don’t care if I sound crazy because our bond is like some sort of cosmic connection that I know few others can understand. I love you more than I could even articulate in these words. You are beyond special to me. You are my heart and the true definition of love. I could never thank you enough for choosing me.
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» A Letter To My Cat » Dear Bert,
On June 17, 2014

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