Dear Grizzles,

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Although you require quite a bit of maintenance — daily combing (especially in the area we refer to as your beard), constant wiping away of your eye goobies, turd-box cleaning, feeding/watering, and occasional bathing, shaving and nail trimming — we happily do it all. You contribute endless entertainment to our daily lives.

We begin each day with our morning wake up call. While you are fully capable of hopping up onto the bed on your own, you prefer to stand up and scratch at the side until one of us picks you up and places you in the bed. Somehow your internal clock knows to do this each and every day about half an hour before the alarm goes off. As irritating as this can feel some mornings, there really is no better way to wake up and ease into the day than with a snuggle! This is followed by your morning sprints around the house. You are the most energetic right after we’re out of bed and like to run back and forth for awhile sliding across the floor and jumping up the doorframe. After that, you usually have a bite to eat and then settle in for the first of many naps throughout the day.

Your personality is really more dog than cat, and unlike any cat we have ever known. You don’t mind going for a ride in the car, you greet us at the door when we come in, you pass out flat on your back and snore, and you beg for people food. We like to tell you that you are the beggin’-est cat we know. You’re easy-going and will let us hold you…and are mostly patient with us while we perform the daily grooming routines.

Then there are the noises you make, mostly due to your Persian features, which are always good for a laugh. First is your way of eating, which involves a bunch of loud lip smacking and crunching. We’ll often stop what we’re doing and laugh like crazy when we overhear you eating your dinner. You also purr often and loudly, and sneeze, snort, and snore. Your voice is always hoarse, so when you try to meow, it either comes out as a little croak or not at all.

We brought you into our home 3 years ago, around the same time we moved in, and you have been the perfect addition ever since. You’re always in the room with us, and with the exception of your wake up call, never seem to be in the way or demanding attention. You generally take our lead and will let us pet and cuddle you on our terms.

While we may not speak the same language, it doesn’t stop us from talking to you constantly and there’s no doubt that we have an understanding. You express many of the same emotions we do as humans. We know when you’re being affectionate, and when you’re nervous, scared, lazy, happy or playful. You seem to pick up on our moods too, because you give us space when we need it, give us more attention when we need a little love, and lay low when you know you’ve done something bad.

We don’t feel the need to ask ourselves what you would tell us if you could talk, because we’d like to think we already know. You’ve already said it all without saying a word. We have a mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s company and we need you just as much as you need us.  Long story short, we love you, Girl!

Love your humany parents,

Matt & Nicole

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» A Letter To My Cat » Dear Grizzles,
On May 22, 2014

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