Cat Letter: Dear Maya

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You’re going to be completely, unapologetically, indifferent about this. I’ll probably read it out loud to you- like the goon I am- and you’ll just lay there, staring at me, and doing that cute little half-cough, half-meow thing that I love so much. But that’s okay, because these are the things I need to say, my Mayaboo, because I love you.

I wonder if you remember your life before me. I wonder what life was like for “Angel” before she became you, my Maya. I try not to wonder if your life is better or worse than it is now, living with me. But you saved me, sweetie pea.

I was so lonely, living alone, and so far away from everyone I loved and who loved me. I had distanced myself from my friends, and felt uncomfortable reentering their lives. I was living far away from Our Chris at the time, and my family, and I remember just this crushing loneliness I felt so often. My apartment was always so sad without another heartbeat in it…


I had been looking through pages and pages of adoptable cats at different rescue locations for several weeks before you found me. I had been fighting with myself over whether I was ready. I had been in talks with Jenny who was debating adopting a male tabby to me. She eventually decided to adopt that little guy to another family, leaving me thinking that was fate saying I wasn’t ready. A few weeks later, just before Christmas 2013, Jenny contacted me saying a friend of hers was trying to home a cat under urgent circumstances. A man had committed suicide after his partner left him, leaving a cat behind- a middle aged, chubby, cuddly, sweet-as-can-be, female tabby. Jenny wondered if I’d be willing to take this tabby girl in. I thought about it, met up with Jenny’s friend…and then I met you. I could tell you were scared, but you cuddled up to me when I held you, rubbing your face against my ear, and it was love at first snuggle. I took you home that day and bought you everything you needed.

From that day on, you’ve lit up my life with your goofy faces, your laid-back-I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude, and your purrs that can be heard from the next room. You are my precious girl. You’re my alarm clock in the morning (and also at 2am) with your loud meows and nose batting. You’re my toe-warmer. You’re my snuggle bug- always looking for pets and cuddles…You’re my Mayaboo.

It’s the best thing in the world to come home after a long day at work, and have you just run up to me, meowing at the top of your lungs, excited and happy to see me. I pick you up and you just conform to me, rubbing your face against my ear as I carry you, purring, through my apartment as I go through my routine. Please don’t ever change, I love everything about you.

Thank you for saving me from my loneliness. Thank you for loving me as much as I love you- and showing it.



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On November 10, 2014
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